On the plane DC -> Boston

On the plane DC -> Boston

I’ve recently moved from Washington DC to central Massachusetts. I started work at MIT in September and am excited to explore the arts there. But I’ll leave that for another blog post. Right now I wanted to share some recent connections that are leading me back to a paper I wrote for my master’s degree a year or so ago.

The paper is about three WPA post office murals in Vermont and New Hampshire. The first connection to the paper that appeared mysteriously in my life was a couple days ago as I was in the art library looking for a book on contemporary multi-cultural art.Next to the book I was going to get was the book Marguerite & William Zorach: Harmonies and Contrasts. Marguerite Zorach was the painter for one of the New Hampshire murals that I looked at. I looked through the book and did not see anything related to her work with the WPA, but I was struck by the happenstance to run across her name.

My second connection encounter happened this morning. One of the murals is located in Northfield, Vermont. Going through some photo albums at my parents place I found an album from a graduate of Norwich University, also located in Northfield. The album is from the early nineteen-teens and shows the grounds of the university and many photos of students. Some postcards found near the album identified the place as Norwich University.

Photo albums. Joseph Peirce album of Norwich University in center.

Photo albums. Joseph Peirce album of Norwich University in center.

Looking through the special collections and archives at Norwich it looks like they have some photographs from 1914, some of which are identified “Joseph M. Peirce”. Joseph Peirce was my mother’s godmother’s father, and was the owner of the album at my parent’s place. Most of the other albums and photographs are his daughter’s Phyllis Peirce. I’m somewhat interested in taking a trip up there now to see the 1914 photos and comparing them to the album I have here. Of course while I’m there, I may as well check in on the post office mural too.

As much as I would love to take some time to travel north and continue learning about Peirce’s time at Norwich, I won’t have the opportunity for a while due to work. Instead I’ll be posting the mural paper as my next blog post.



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